It is important to note that when purchasing costume jewellery it is often plated in gold or silver and generally made up of more than one metal component. Because of this items can become susceptible to wear and tear due to multiple factors including age, rough conduct, friction between opposing metals, chemical reactions, oxygen and atmospheric moisture, all resulting in possible oxidization. 

Each piece found in the store is pre-loved and it is good to note that many of these pieces are already 30+ years old and still going strong. With a little care you can help them last another 30 years!

In order to help preserve the life of your jewellery we recommend taking these steps to help them last longer:

  • Store your pieces in a cool and dry environment away from exposed sunlight and other uncontrolled elements. We recommend using the box or bag your items arrive in, this will ensure they do not come into contact with other elements or rub with other metals.
  •  Remove jewellery before going to bed, showering, exercising, doing dishes or taking a swim.
  • Allow any perfumes, moisturizers, makeups or lotions to set or dry before adding jewellery.
  • After wearing an item, gently clean its surface with a dry polishing cloth, we recommend using the one supplied to you in your order. This will help to remove any residual oils, dust and moisture that may be present.
  • Take care to not knock your jewellery against hard surfaces that may damage the plating or stones.
  • It is best not to store your items against other metal jewellery as the contact of different metals can cause corrosion.